The Great Tetris War of 2011

Listening to: The Mountain Goats, “Collapsing Stars” There’s a war being waged in my living room. It’s one of a long line of wars that have come and gone over the past several years: the Epic SSX Tricky War of 2005 (which began when Husband told me, “You probably won’t be very good at this […]

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Thursday Time Waster

I so made a mistake choosing English Lit as a major in college. Obviously, I was destined to be a great artist. Such a tragic waste of talent, that. Behold, my masterpiece. I shall call it Qwerty.

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Dropping In

Listening to: Bayside, “Montauk“ Just a quick post today. First of all, my birthday is coming, and The Husband asked me today how tall I am. I am officially dying of curiosity. What is he up to that he requires my height? This is mystifying me. Secondly, it’s a beautiful freaking day out. Third, the […]

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Listening to: Fallout Boy, “Bang the Doldrums” Just found this awesome Firefox plug-in. Download it, restart Firefox to install, and create an account. Then all you have to do is click the “Stumble!” button it creates in your browser, and you’re on your way to Catwaxing Heaven! I’m on there as “kbax” if you want […]

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Random Linkage Fun

Wanna get in the holiday spirit? Wanna walk around your house singing like a cat all night? Here ya go. (Note: If you haven’t already, you have to download the Rhapsody player to listen, but it’s free and there’s no registration.) I find this place really interesting. My nation is approaching its one-day anniversary. It’s […]

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Wind and Twilight

Listening to: The Postal Service, “Such Great Heights”; Guster, “The Captain” Interesting afternoon. First: Went to run some errands. Had to drop of my dress and Husband’s suit for his company holiday party next weekend for some cleaning of the dry variety. It was a slightly comedic adventure. First I decided to try on another […]

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