Everything BUT writing

Listening to: Weezer, “Pink Triangle” Cleaning. Packing. Then more cleaning…and more cleaning…and some more packing. Haven’t really written a word since my last post. Doing NaNo the same month we move back to PA turned out to be…um…not a great idea. I won’t let myself stress over it, though–if I don’t make it all the […]

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North vs. South

Listening to: Less Than Jake, “The Rest of My Life” We’ve been living down here for almost seven weeks, and I’ve wanted to write this entry for about six of those. I feel prepared for it now. Please note: these are the observations of someone living in the northernmost part of the southeast U.S., who […]

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Quick Update

Just to let everyone know…still no internet, but we finally have furniture. Yaaaay! No more leaky air mattress! If we don’t have internet by tomorrow, I’ll go to Starbucks and do a longer post. But for now, I’ll pique your interest…I’m a winner (and not of the Canadian Lottery)! Actually, I’m a winner x2! Now […]

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Busy Busy Busy

Busy with packing, receiving bizarre prank phone calls, and other fun last minute stuff. Will update from Virginia whenever we get our internet connection up and running.

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Changing Your Habits

So I went up to my usual hangout last night, and wrote about 1000-1250 words while various people came and went, stopped by to chat, and hung out. I’ve mentioned before that I usually handwrite my stuff first, in chunks, then transfer it to the computer. Also, I did a crossword. Now, let me just […]

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Wow. I’ve really fallen behind with the blogging…and likely will again, soon. Life is a bit topsy turvy at the moment, although in a good way. We’re moving! …temporarily. The Husband’s company is sending us to Suffolk, VA for…well, probably the whole summer. We don’t actually know how long, because he’s only going until they […]

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