Looking Back

Listening to: The patrons of the awesome little cafe I frequent, out on the patio, on one of the last nice days of the year! It’s funny to look back, after you’re finally done. I really didn’t think Freya (now tentatively titled Grim Light) ever had a chance. When I first started writing it in […]

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Getting Into It

Listening to: Scary Kids Scaring Kids, “Degenerates” When I first started my current project — working titled Freya — I was excited but wary. I really wasn’t sure I could make it work. The original idea seemed like it couldn’t go farther than novella territory, and I could only think of two possible ways it […]

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Here We Go Again

Listening to: Guster, “Either Way” I think the new project that I hinted at the other day is starting to take shape. Of course, I’m not going to go into much detail here (don’t want to jinx it–I’m so freaking superstitious), but I told The Husband about it last night and he got very excited. […]

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North vs. South

Listening to: Less Than Jake, “The Rest of My Life” We’ve been living down here for almost seven weeks, and I’ve wanted to write this entry for about six of those. I feel prepared for it now. Please note: these are the observations of someone living in the northernmost part of the southeast U.S., who […]

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Mystery of the Rose

Listening to: Bayside, “Masterpiece” Now, this is just plain weird. I have this beautiful Don Juan climbing rosebush I planted last spring. I planted it next to the stairs leading to our sunporch, and this summer I plan to buy a trellis it can climb on. I’ve always loved roses, and the blooms off this […]

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And we’re back…

…to square one, sort of. They offered him more–enough, actually, that we could afford it. For some reason, I never thought they would counter-offer. I had completely dismissed the whole thing from my mind. And now we’re back to seriously considering this, perhaps even more seriously than we did before. I even told my friends […]

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It’s been a long, long while…

Listening to: Sugarcult, “Do It Alone” Sorry for the prolonged absence, imaginary readers. I’ve been up, down, out of town, back in town–you name it. And now I’m trying to procrastinate, and what better way to do that than the good ol’ blog? The current upheaval in my life is waiting to hear whether we’re […]

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Random Linkage Fun

Wanna get in the holiday spirit? Wanna walk around your house singing like a cat all night? Here ya go. (Note: If you haven’t already, you have to download the Rhapsody player to listen, but it’s free and there’s no registration.) I find this place really interesting. My nation is approaching its one-day anniversary. It’s […]

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Wind and Twilight

Listening to: The Postal Service, “Such Great Heights”; Guster, “The Captain” Interesting afternoon. First: Went to run some errands. Had to drop of my dress and Husband’s suit for his company holiday party next weekend for some cleaning of the dry variety. It was a slightly comedic adventure. First I decided to try on another […]

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