NaNo Status Update, Day 3

Skipped my lunch break because Bill Clinton was flying into the airport, and I wanted to catch a glimpse. I saw his shoes. Not really worth it, but okay. Then I spent a few hours knocking on doors, canvassing for a local candidate. Got a bunch of yeses…pretty sure someone gave us his Christmas card […]

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NaNo Status Update #1

So, I hit my word count target. For tomorrow. How hard do I rock? The answer, for those who don’t know, would be “pretty hard”. This is good, for more than the obvious reasons. I’m doing election stuff tomorrow after work, and then election stuff and election results party stuff on Tuesday after work. That […]

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Listening to: Say Anything “Alive With the Glory of Love” So NaNoWriMo has begun. Could someone, please, just do me this favor. Answer a single question for me: What the hell did I get myself into? In all seriousness, my first day went well, although it got off to a rocky start. I couldn’t start […]

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I really, really wish my husband would stop, when telling people of my NaNo plans, getting it confused with a certain organization whose acronym begins with N and ends with A and mainly consists of perverted grown men. And telling them I’m “getting my friends to do it, too.” Just sayin’.

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So, yeah. As I’m sure I mentioned previously, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year I died off right around day two. Hey, on days three and four, I was moving from one state back to another…I was a little busy, okay? This year, however, my motto is “No Excuses.”* Nothing is gonna stop […]

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Someone’s actually updating her blog two days in a row. It’s a freakin’ miracle. Just finished emailing Tia about our beta-reading arrangements–she finished Starcaster, and I’ll be finishing my current masterpiece (she said with a hint of sarcasm)* within a month. I love how we’re practically on the same schedule! I also heart my beta […]

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Let it Freakin’ Snow.

Listening to: The New Amsterdams, “Story Like a Scar” Winter continues here in Pennsylvania. I woke up to a yard covered in white and dark green splotches, since the blanket of snow is not yet complete. I feel like I went straight from summer to winter–it was 65 degrees when I left Virginia last weekend. […]

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Everything BUT writing

Listening to: Weezer, “Pink Triangle” Cleaning. Packing. Then more cleaning…and more cleaning…and some more packing. Haven’t really written a word since my last post. Doing NaNo the same month we move back to PA turned out to be…um…not a great idea. I won’t let myself stress over it, though–if I don’t make it all the […]

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Next Stop, Crazytown

Listening to: Lagwagon, “Automatic” Finished my first pass of revisions yesterday! It was a long slog to the end, but I managed. I wanted one day of sanity–or at least, non-writing-related insanity–before the big start. That’s right, NaNoWriMo starts at midnight tonight! Actually, it’s already started for nine time zones. At 12:01 a.m tomorrow, I […]

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