Still Working On It

Listening to: Druha Trava, “Bad Moon Rising” (I prefer the older Lagwagon cover, personally) Still working on the short pitch. Will post it here when/if I ever finish it to my satisfaction. In the meantime, have a cat picture.

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Listening to: Guster, “Careful” This post is making me seriously reconsider my query letter. If I could pare it down to something so simple, I think it would at least catch some attention. All the comments on my query over at Absolute Write have been incredibly helpful, though, and I’ll probably use a lot of […]

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Query Rewrite Update

Listening to: Goldfinger, “Too Many Nights” Well, I rewrote the query, incorporating a bunch of suggestions. In fact, one of the comments in the original critique thread inspired a change in the novel itself. I realized that the “camp” the girls attend is leftover from the original concept, which changed a great deal as I […]

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Query Rewrite

Listening to: Street Dogs, “Hard Luck Kid” After receiving several rejections on my query letter, with only one request (for a full, though), I decided to take another look at the letter itself. Now, it took me weeks to formulate, write, rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite the original query letter. I don’t particularly want to re-re-re-rewrite […]

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Listening to: Guster, “Airport Song” Not really much to update. Book 2: The agent wait continues. It has now been one month and two days since I sent my full, on request. I’m doing pretty well distracting myself with other things, although how well I do this depends on the day of the week and […]

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To the Beach!

…But not primarily for the beach’s sake. Gotta get my car looked at, and the nearest dealership is in Virginia Beach. So, we’ll spend the afternoon there, while we’re at it. Keeping my fingers crossed for my car. This is its last chance, since several other mechanics have been unable to figure out what’s wrong […]

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Fixing It

Listening to: Dispatch, “Drive” Well, I’m on my way to fixing the problem with the book. I broke down and made an outline of how it should go, and I’m going through scene by scene to make the necessary changes. It feels pretty good to get this done, and I think the story will benefit […]

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….and DONE.

Listening to: Dispatch, “The General” Okay. Query Letter: Done. Long Synopsis: Done. Short Synopsis: DONE! (I thought it was done on Wed., but I was wrong…I hadn’t even started it. Oops.) I am officially ready to query. All that’s left to do is pick my first five agents from my Super Duper Agent Ranker Spreadsheet, […]

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Almost done with the short synopsis. Well, almost done writing it. Then I have to actually pare it down to one page. Luckily, the first draft might not go longer than a page and a quarter. But I ask you this: is it bad that I’m really, really tempted to sneak “Aliens arrive on the […]

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