Catching Up

Haven’t read GalleyCat in a while, so I found a few gems over there today. Book Cover Mashup over at bookninja–hysterical.Go ahead, judge a book by its cover–or at least, guess its Amazon ranking based on its cover. Found yesterday: This is old, but it’s new to me–and gave me a laugh. How to Write […]

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Daily Dose of Cute

Not much to report here–just procrastinating before I resume my daily 1000 words–but this is too damn cute. We had a hedgehog when I was younger. Adorable little creatures, if a bit shy. And I think they’re illegal in PA, or at least that’s what everyone said.

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Quick Check-in

Just checking in to direct you here. Found it on Boing Boing, and if you need a quick Monday pick-me-up…well, here ya go. They’re better than coffee. More later.

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Been a few days since I’ve updated. The weekend alternated between busy (company picnic in Virginia Beach, shopping trip) and lazy/malaisey (coining a word here–I’m a writer, I’m allowed). Not much progress on the writing front, except that today I finally got past a scene that was driving me crazy. I’m very uncertain about it, […]

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