A couple things: Tia joined the cool kids’ club (yeah, that’s right) and posted her Writer’s Story. Read it here, and here. Totally got to watch two F-18s land and then take off at work the other day. That was the excitement of my week. I feel like, with the tech writing and my personal […]

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Happy 4th!

Listening to: Rise Against, “Gesthemane” Ah, Independence Day. I come from a rather small town, as I’ve mentioned before. And in my town, the Fourth of July parade is a big freaking deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that chairs will start magically appearing on the sidewalk for days–sometimes a week–in advance. People are […]

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Back from the Dead

Haven’t been posting much because I felt like no one was reading it. But I’m realizing that this thing is more for me than the rest of the world. Although, if that were true, I would just keep an actual private journal or something. So, not really just for me. But mostly for me. It’s […]

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