Frog Hunting Tales

Listening to: Dispatch, “Elias” Most of my frog-wrangling sessions go rather smoothly, especially as I become more comfortable with the frogs and better able to predict their movements. I’ve been working with Steve the Photographer since August, I think, so the job has become almost routine. Almost. We still have the occasional disaster or near-disaster. […]

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I really, really wish my husband would stop, when telling people of my NaNo plans, getting it confused with a certain organization whose acronym begins with N and ends with A and mainly consists of perverted grown men. And telling them I’m “getting my friends to do it, too.” Just sayin’.

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Various and Sundry

Several wildly divergent and incredibly trivial matters to bring to your attention. One or more may cause significant cognitive dissonance, as that seems to be the name of the game all over the intertubewebs today. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 1. Cats singing Christmas carols. 2. This ought to wake you up (originally found on […]

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I know I just posted about ten seconds ago, but I had to mention this… The contest I mentioned in this entry a few days ago? The creator and one of the judges (same person, not two separate entities, to clarify) happened to find my blog via NaNo, and of course the most recent entry […]

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