And it’s out!

My article on Toasted Cheese.

A very exciting addition to my day! This is the first thing I’ve had published in a while, since I switched to mostly longer fiction. I’ve already got a short story idea in my head, though, that TC will get first crack at if I ever find time to write it! As it is, I’m squeezing this blog post in between work, work, and more work.

Have a gorgeous day, everyone!

3 thoughts on “And it’s out!

  1. And it’s a great article. I learned a lot from it. My fave bit was the snowflake line though 😉

    Anytime you have something for us, send it along 🙂

  2. That was great! I must have missed your post on winning first and third place! Sounds like you’ve got openings nailed (not that I doubted, since I’ve read BOTH).

  3. Yeah, eden, the snowflake line seems to be a favorite. And I’m definitely brainstorming future articles!

    Thanks Tia! Yeah, I took down the post about that, because I was trying to stay all pseudo-anonymous. No more, though. It was bound to come out eventually!

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