Doing the Happy Dance!

Just got Pretties and Specials from the nice mail-lady. Ever since I finished Uglies two weeks ago, I’ve barely been able to contain myself. If you write YA–or even if you just enjoy a ripping good read– and you haven’t read these books, well…FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHY?! Get thee to a bookstore!

Now, the only downside here is that I just started critting a story for my new CP–we’re trying each other out. I’m only about halfway done with it, and I cannot start reading Pretties until I finish. Cannot. Will not.

But…it’s so tempting…right there next to me on the table…calling my name…beckoning to me…”Read me, Kristy…you know you want to….”

No! I will not! Besides, we’re driving down to Virginia this week, and I need to save at least some reading material for the ride.

*whispers forlornly*: So pretty…have waited so long…just a few pages, while I take a break from critting….

Yes. I do have a problem. And no, I don’t need help.

Back to work.