Catching Up

Haven’t read GalleyCat in a while, so I found a few gems over there today.

Book Cover Mashup over at bookninja–hysterical.
Go ahead, judge a book by its cover–or at least, guess its Amazon ranking based on its cover.

Found yesterday:

This is old, but it’s new to me–and gave me a laugh. How to Write a Book. My favorite step:

14. If you’ve worked hard three days in a row, take a hard-earned day off. And it looks like snow tomorrow, so you might as well take the whole weekend. But a day off from writing is not a day off from complaining!

Also a few months old, and maybe I posted it before, but I just found it in my email archives. It’s funny enough to merit the risk of a double-post: Writing a Novel, a Love Story.

There. Take a break and enjoy yourself.