Because it’s been a while…

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When was the last time I posted flower pictures? I’m not even sure–spring, maybe. Well, I have some gorgeous ones for you today, and some bonuses–my brother and I, and procreating insects! (Not in the same picture.)

First, the sunflower. I can’t take credit for this–it was all The Husband. He planted the seeds along with all his vegetable seeds (I do the flowers, he does the veggies), and then pretty much crossed his fingers, since we’ve been gone the whole summer. Well, it seems to have done well on its own:

And it’s not lacking in height, either:

Damn thing’s as tall as me! (Note: I’m not particularly tall…but still.)

And here are my prized gladiolas…which I pretty much planted as bulbs back in April, then left to do what they would. Compared to the other two bulb sets I planted–anemones and something else, I don’t remember–they’re doing wonderful. I think I have one anemone, and none of the other bulb set. But look–pretty!

And here’s the whole flowerbed, or at least the part by the pretty sidewalk we put in two years ago:

Okay, okay. Enough flowers, right? Where’s the insect sex I promised? Well, here you go…some copulating beetles:

See the beetles on the bottom left, the two facing each other? They were both on top of another beetle. Threesome!

Sorry–this blog doesn’t normally get so raunchy. But nature–even when it’s getting a bit kinky–is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

And finally, one of the big reasons I went back to PA…my little brother, all tall and hairy and stuff:

Yeah, you can barely tell we’re related. Riiiight. If you can, take a look at his shirt. I. Want. That! (It says, “Keepin’ it Rural”).

I did a lot more on this trip–hung out with my friends, got majorly surprised when my brother (above) and my big sister drove three hours to surprise me as I hung out with my friends (maybe I’ll tell that story later today–it’s mildly amusing, and it was one of the best surprises I’ve ever gotten).

I went to my little sister’s graduation party, and got to see a whole bunch of my mom’s family. Hung out with my mom, drinking beer and watching movies…hung out with my brother, drinking beer and talking. Hung out with my little brother, playing Sims.* Hung out with my little sister, cleaning my dad’s house.

Good times. I’m very glad I went, even though on both the drive up and the drive back, I told myself over and over that I was never going to do this again. But it was all worth it.

*Yes, I have a lot of siblings. I didn’t even mention the half-brothers on my dad’s side there, either.

2 thoughts on “Because it’s been a while…

  1. Actually, you and your brother seem to share the same eyes.

    The flower photos were lovely!

  2. Yeah, someone pointed that out the other night. Actually, we both look so much like our dad, it’s scary.

    And thank you! I’m really enjoying this gardening stuff, even from a distance =)

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