I’m Back, Baby!

Listening to: Guster, “Red Oyster Cult”

Wow. What a freakin’ week.

I did the drive all by myself, both times, and made it out alive. It’s not really that bad, but I get myself all nervous and worked up about it beforehand, and that makes it harder. But I did it yesterday in about 6.5 hours (one hour less than our previous record) by using my super secret strategy: I didn’t stop. Okay, well, I stopped once, in southern PA. Then I hit Maryland and West Virginia, and sped all the way to southeastern VA. Without one stop.

Why did I do it so fast? Well, we had an appointment here in VA at 4:45, and I woke up 1.5 hours later than I intended.* The funny thing is, what woke me up was my mom calling to say my brother was missing his plane. So at that moment, the whole family, practically, was running late.

This is fairly typical.

I have to catch up with my writing, queries, violin, and a bit of housework today, but I’ll be back with some pretty flower pics tomorrow.

Didja miss me? =)

*And I set both the alarm clock and my cell phone’s alarm. I have absolutely no idea how they both failed. I need a backup for my backup!