That’s okay, the voices in my head will keep me company.

So, my brother was supposed to come stay with me for a few days this week. He flew into Pittsburgh early Sunday morning, and one of his friends was slated to bring him here today or tomorrow. I vacuumed several cats-worth of fur from the living room rug and the rest of the downstairs, cleaned the bathroom, planned several dinners for the week, and told all my/his friends that he was coming.

As always with my family, it’s best to just expect disappointment. That way, you won’t be let down. Yes, that’s right, he’s not coming. He wouldn’t have anything to do, and he’d get bored, and all that. So, a disappointment AND an insult, all in one. It’s a banner day, it is.

But it’s all right. I have…myself to talk to. Well, a good friend just called and chatted with me for a few minutes, and I called my mom and bitched about her jerkface of a son, so I’m feeling better. Still lonely and disappointed, but better.

And just so this post isn’t completely negative, here are some pics from Saturday–The Husband’s company “Holiday Gala”:

Don’t we look cute?

Hangin’ with the girls

Say it with me: Awww!

I freaking LOVED this updo. Worth every penny.

That’s all for now.