Listening to: Fallout Boy, “Bang the Doldrums”

Just found this awesome Firefox plug-in. Download it, restart Firefox to install, and create an account. Then all you have to do is click the “Stumble!” button it creates in your browser, and you’re on your way to Catwaxing Heaven! I’m on there as “kbax” if you want to Friend me.

Speaking of catwaxing, if Shakespeare hops onto this table one more time, I swear I really AM going to vacuum him.

2 thoughts on “Cat-wax-a-licious

  1. Looks kinda fun . . . but catwaxing?

    I had a cat (assuming that Shakespeare is a cat) that did the same thing. He also would whack at my pen or pencil as I tried to write or draw.

  2. Haha…catwaxing is another word for cat vacuuming, i.e. all those things that aren’t really all that pressing, but that we use as an excuse not to write. Filling in the gopher holes in the backyard, straightening every single picture frame in the house…and vacuuming/waxing the cat.

    Which reminds me of another thing I love about writing…we feel the need to name EVERYTHING. =)

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