Randomnia Miscellanea…uh…Ergo Sum?

Now I’m just making crap up (see title).

I’m thinking about starting a new feature on this blog, one that will be rolled out next week. I haven’t yet decided if it will occur on Mondays or Fridays. I’ll make that all-important decision this weekend, and on Monday I’ll introduce the new feature.

Speaking of this weekend, the blog will be dark until Monday, as we are trekking up to the in-laws’ tonight and won’t be back until Sunday. Our reasons for this trip are twofold:

1. My m-i-l’s 50th birthday is on Tuesday, so we’re celebrating it this weekend.

2. The Husband’s friend is unveiling the third installment in his film trilogy (at least I think it’s a trilogy) Saturday night. The Husband and I filmed our parts in the movie over Thanksgiving weekend. He plays a CIA operative or something, and I play his wife who is actually a secret agent from…somewhere else, I don’t know…who married him to get at the secrets, but who used to be involved with the protagonist.

Now, about this. Filming it was definitely fun. I got to shoot at John Parker (the titular character, sort of a James Bond type with angst) in my m-i-l’s kitchen, then scream the F-word when John Parker thrust my husband in front of him and I shot him (husband) instead. With my m-i-l in the next room.* We had an awesome time doing the whole thing, and a part of me can’t wait to see the finished project.


In the scenes after I shoot my husband, I chase John Parker downstairs. Now, this whole time, I’m in my freaking bathrobe, having just gotten out of the shower (in the movie, not in real life). I find him downstairs and confront him, and he recognizes me (I’d had some plastic surgery and such–again, in the movie, not in real life). JP gets the upper hand and, to try to save my own hide, I have to…um…er…try to seduce him.

I had to say the words, “You wouldn’t want to let all this go to waste, would you?” as I untied and opened my bathrobe (calm down, I had stuff on underneath, and they only filmed from the neck up).

Do you think I’m looking forward to seeing this on screen? On a big screen, no less, as we’re going to another friend’s house to watch it on his projector screen?

The answer would be, resoundingly, NO. I have been dreading this for months. It’s going to be very uncomfortable for me, especially with other people around. To them, it will be entertainment. To me–sheer humiliation, I suspect.

*Sigh*. The things I will go through for my friends.

And in the last interesting bit of miscellanea, my birthday is less than one week away. Now, having an early April birthday and living in the mid-Atlantic states has always been interesting. I’ve had sunshine, snow, hail, and rain–mostly rain–on my birthday. The weather has been so promising lately, though, that I was stupid and got my hopes up. Here are the projected temperatures and conditions for each day between now and my birthday, according to weather.com:

Today: Mostly Sunny, 67.
Sat.: Partly Cloudy, 63.
Sun.: T-showers, 58.
Mon.: Mostly Sunny, 65.
Tues.: Partly Cloudy, 66.
Wed….uh-oh…: Showers, 46.

Thursday, the big day: Rain/Snow Showers, 37.

To that, a resounding, WTF?!!

The Husband informed me that, as with all things, Canada is to blame. There will evidently be a cold front advancing on us, which will arrive just in time for my birthday.

To that, I say, DAMN YOU, CANADA! What did I ever do to you, huh? Tell me. I really want to know. I’ve visited you on a couple occasions, and I was always nice. I didn’t take advantage of your whole lower drinking age thing. Why would you do something like this to me?

Damn you, Canada. Damn you to hell.**

Have a good weekend, everybody.


*I let her know ahead of time that I had to drop the F-bomb–because, let’s face it, that’s not a word you want to scream with your mother-in-law in the next room–and she was cool with it.

**I mean no ill-will toward Canadians themselves. It’s only their geographic region’s weather patterns that infuriate me.