Here We Go Again

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I think the new project that I hinted at the other day is starting to take shape. Of course, I’m not going to go into much detail here (don’t want to jinx it–I’m so freaking superstitious), but I told The Husband about it last night and he got very excited. That’s kind of my litmus test for ideas–if he likes it, it’s good.

I will say that it’s somewhat more fantastical than my previous work. Most of what I write is contemporary fantasy, set in our world as we know it, in some subset of our society that has magical qualities/abilities for whatever reason and blah blah blah. This particular idea, though, involves a sort of parallel world that exists simultaneously with ours, and the intersection of those worlds.

I gotta admit, I’m a little nervous about it. I find myself not really committing to it yet–the voice in my head says, Well, we’ll* just write a little more and see where it goes, this doesn’t have to be our next project….

And then I write a bit more, and then a bit more…and yesterday I found myself brainstorming crazily. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time committing to this–maybe I’m scared, maybe I’m not really in love with the idea yet. I definitely didn’t get that wonderful chill up my spine that I usually do when I fall in love with a concept, when I know it’s “the one”. Am I just getting jaded with the whole write-a-novel-revise-the-novel-repeatedly-try-to-get-it-published-and-fail process?** Or is the idea really not as great as I think?

Or am I just overanalyzing everything because I’m bored to tears right now?

Or is this a good thing–a sign that I’m finally able to stop freaking out every time I start a new project, and I’m developing a more relaxed approach to all of this?

Or am I just overanalyzing everything because–oh wait, we went there already.

I don’t have a freaking clue. All I really know, I guess, is that it’s humid as $*%& today, I need a shower, and The Office season premiere is on in 8.5 hours.

And I guess that’s enough.

*Yes, the voice in my head uses the Royal We. I’m majestic like that.

**If so, it’s a bit early for that. I’ve only been actively pursuing publication for about two years. That’s like, a minute and a half in publishing time.

One thought on “Here We Go Again

  1. Deep breath. Hold it. Exhale slowly. ;o)

    But seriously, with books there’s love and there’s infatuation. Infatuation is that love it-love it-love it, emotional high, can’t put it down. Love is gentler, and it lets you see the book for what it really is, and work to make it better. Not that you can’t get to love through infatuation but not always. I’m guessing you love your new idea, but it’s real love. Enjoy it.

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