Report from VA

Worst. Day. Ever.

I’m writing this from a Days Inn in Newport News, VA.

Why am I here?

Because we have the worst flea infestation in the history of flea infestations.

When did we discover this?

Today, after driving 9.5 hours (that’s 2.5 hours longer than it should’ve taken) from PA to VA. We spent about an hour and a half, at least, stuck on I-95 in 100 degree heat thanks to this.

Why didn’t we discover this sooner?

Because we were away in PA for five days, visiting family and friends.

What happened after we found out?

We bought some bug bomb, and spent an hour calling my mom and getting hotel phone numbers from her because–guess what?–the internet wasn’t working!

What will I be doing tomorrow?

Vacuuming and doing massive amounts of laundry in 100 degree heat. Yes, the AC will be on.

Why am I still happy?

Because my husband is the most wonderful husband in the world, out getting food for us right now (we haven’t eaten since noon), and my mom is finally reading my book! And my cat, despite the flea problem (he should be fine, we treated him a few weeks ago), is funny. He just tried to hop up on the headboard of the bed, which didn’t work out well for him. And because there was no rejection waiting in my inbox, which I’m thankful for. And we have free wi-fi.
My day has sucked, but I’m still alive and well, and so are my loved ones.

All in all, things aren’t great, but they could be worse.

One thought on “Report from VA

  1. After that miserable drive, to come home and have to flea-bomb your house? Yes, that qualifies as a horrible day. Bravo for focusing on your blessings instead!

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