Been a few days since I’ve updated. The weekend alternated between busy (company picnic in Virginia Beach, shopping trip) and lazy/malaisey (coining a word here–I’m a writer, I’m allowed).

Not much progress on the writing front, except that today I finally got past a scene that was driving me crazy. I’m very uncertain about it, and whether it’s a direction I want to take, so I’ve been stalling and procrastinating about it. Finally just decided to freakin’ do it already.

My responses from agents have slowed a bit, so I might increase my current “five at a time” method.

Some links, so maybe ya’ll can benefit from my procrastination:

Writing related:

  • Diana Peterfreund writes a handy primer for new writers: Part One, Part Two, and more to come tomorrow.
  • Agent Kristin Nelson describes a conference encounter that, dare I say, even beats the “manuscript-passed-under-bathroom-door” story/myth/legend.
  • A new blog by frequent commenter Tia, in which she reviews fantasy debuts with a fascinating “as-she-reads-it” style.
  • Ever wondered if your sunrise/sunset timing is right in your writing? Say, the scene takes place at five o’clock pm, and the sun is setting…but the scene takes place in summer? It’s a little inconsistency that drives us perfectionists NUTS. Here’s a site to keep you from pushing me those last few steps toward the asylum =).

Sort of writing related:

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the plug about my fantasy debut blog! I am definitely going to check out the sunrise/sunset thingy.

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