It’s been a long, long while…

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Sorry for the prolonged absence, imaginary readers. I’ve been up, down, out of town, back in town–you name it. And now I’m trying to procrastinate, and what better way to do that than the good ol’ blog?

The current upheaval in my life is waiting to hear whether we’re moving to Virginia. The chances are pretty slim, I think, but it’s a possibility. On the one hand, I think I could use the change in scenery…I’ve lived in the same two towns all my almost-25 years. And we would be 40 minutes from my best friend and an hour from VA Beach. Definitely some serious entries on the “pros” list, there.

The cons? We would be nine hours from our respective families, and six hours from the network of friendships that we’ve developed here over the past several years. Granted, with such proximity to a beach, we would be guaranteed visits–but it still would be difficult. That, and the cost of living is MUCH higher down there, so…yeah. I would stand a much better chance of snagging a newspaper job down there, though, than I do here.

Oh yeah–and the weather is better there, too. Obviously. Just to clarify that observation, it’s currently 9 degrees here, with a windchill that makes it feel like -7. Down there, it’s 37 degrees, and feels like 30. Doesn’t sound too warm, no…until you compare it with our weather.

There are other factors, of course. The move would be stressful, the crime rate is higher there, and I’m not certain about selling our house in the current real estate climate. But oh…what an interesting change it would be.

At the moment, I’m fairly ambivalent about it all. Whenever I think about it, I generally think, “Meh…I could go either way. Whatever.”

So…we’ll see.

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