Seven Facts Meme

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Jenwriter tagged me for this one–just seven random facts. So you’ll probably learn some things about me now that you’d be better off not knowing. Aaaand off we go!

  1. This is the fun one. I have different colored eyebrows and eyelashes. Now, when I say that, I mean the right eyebrow (my right) is blond, and the left is brown-black. The eyelashes correspond to the eyebrows. If you look at my profile pic, you can see it somewhat. You can see it some here, here, and there’s a good shot of me mascara-less here. I was born this way, or at least I’ve been this way since I, yanno…grew eyebrows and such. It takes most people a long, long time to see it.
  2. At my last job, in a review, my boss called me “fanatical about planning and organization”. Most backhanded compliment I’ve ever gotten.
  3. I once had a hedgehog named Sydney. Hedgehogs, apparently, are illegal in PA, so a family friend picked it up for us in NY. I believe that my cousins accidentally scared it to death (I suspect they were poking it with the fork I found near his cage/tank thingy) on Thanksgiving one year. Hedgehogs are shy, timid creatures.
  4. Prior to meeting my eventual husband in 2001, my longest relationship lasted about four months. That guy ended up becoming a very close friend, so close, in fact, that he was an usher in our wedding.
  5. I just (like, as I finished writing number 4) got a text from a friend who’s taking classes from some of my old profs at the ol’ alma mater. One of my all-time favorite profs just found out she and I are friends, and told her to tell me that I was one of the best students he ever had. I’m like, near tears here. Seriously! Best REAL compliment ever.
  6. I grew up in the woods with three siblings. We played in the woods a lot, creating little communities that became the basis for hours of imaginative playing. One year, we decided to surprise our parents by purchasing seeds from the dollar store and planting them. In the woods, of course, so our parents wouldn’t see the garden until it was grown. Yeah. That worked really well.
  7. I adore olives, pickles, and cheese. Seriously, I could make a meal out of a relish tray. I look forward to a relish tray more than I do other features of a holiday–like, yanno, the turkey. Although mashed potatoes come in close second. I love potatoes, too. I’ll take potato chips over chocolate any day. I drool over home fries. Yes, yes. I know. I’m a freak.

There! Now I must go back to doing actual work. Blah.

Only going to tag a few people, because I’m maverick-y like that, and Jenwriter got to some of mine first.

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  1. I grew up in the woods too! We found this mound of gravel that a dump truck driver had abandoned in the woods (and probably charged our parents for) and that became our base of operations. We had some great times.

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