A Thundery Weekend

Since we had a glut of writing stuff last week, today’s post will be pictures and fun. I like to keep you on your toes, after all.

This weekend in my lovely town was Thunder in the Valley, when Johnstown welcomes all the bikers it can handle. In honor of the event, I swallow my terror, don some leather (my mom’s leather jacket from 1979, in this case), and hop on the back of The Husband’s bike. I did it twice this year…here’s a picture from after my first triumphant trip:

Yeah. That’s right. How hot are we? Don’t worry, we wear helmets at all times. This was in the backyard, upon our return from an event Thursday evening.

I have to admit, I’m starting to like the bike. Once I get past my fear, there are two kind of awesome parts of it:

A.) The adrenaline. There’s quite a rush speeding down the road in the open air, once you forget the whole I-could-die-at-any-moment thing.

B.) What I think of as “the secret club”. Ever see two bikers pass each other on the road? A lot of riders will hold out a hand–sometimes in a normal wave, but most downward and at an angle–as they pass a fellow biker. Just sayin’ hi, but it’s pretty cool, and I love it.

Then, on Friday, we went up to the Cityview Bar & Grille at the top of the Inclined Plane (World’s Steepest Vehicular Inclined Plane, yanno) with a bunch of friends. One person decided to dress up, and then the idea spread to the rest of us. I think we clean up pretty nice, eh?

The Husband and Me, looking very much NOT biker-ish.

My Girls–Ashlee and Amber.

The whole gang.

Then we rode the Incline down to J-town for some Thunder fun. It was pure chaos down there–I’ve never seen Johnstown like that. Lots of people, lots of music, lots of food, lots of booze. Good times!

Ashlee & I on the Incline (that’s right, I had a costume change. What, you think I’d walk around downtown in four inch heels?).

Now that’s talent.

The city, from above.

On the way back up, bikers waiting for the next trip up the hill.

I’m well aware you can’t tell what this is. It’s Johnstown from the Incline, blurry and squiggly. I think it’s kinda artistic.

The next day, TH and I went back downtown for more Thunder. We just can’t get enough. He didn’t win the motorcycle he wanted to win–or the diamonds I wanted him to win–but we still had fun. And he took pictures of me from bad angles, as seen below:

After wandering around the city, looking at lots of leather and having some good, thoroughly unhealthy food, we found the Motorcycle Acrobats. These women were pretty amazing. I don’t think these pics need any captions.

And here’s a video of their last stunt, three full revolutions.

Some fun dirtbike stunts, too. Yes, that’s a guy laying on a ground while the stunt guy does hops all around him. You couldn’t pay me enough money.

Motorcycles, motorcycles, and more motorcycles–and the Incline doing a trip in the background.

Some folks taking off for a ride. Not an unusual sight this weekend.

One of the many, many streets lined with bikes on both sides. Pretty much every street in the area, in fact, was filled with bikes, in addition to several parking lots. It’s pretty impressive, I have to say.

And finally, there’s me, my beer, and my cheesy fries.

There were many other great moments I couldn’t capture, because our camera batteries died shortly after this. Like, for instance, the impromptu beer-bottle-stacking contest in this tent, the culmination of which was a tower taller than I am, stacked on a table and reaching to the tent’s ceiling. A true engineering marvel.

Also, the fun ride home, just after we noticed yet another black storm cloud heading in. Pretty much the whole ride was…well, wet. And windy. And I made it, without freaking out. Without even putting my visor down*, even, because I figured if I could make it all the way home without giving in, I’d be badass. Yeah. I’m badass.

And of course, after we dried off and warmed back up, we drove (in the car this time) up to see TH’s friend and watch some George Carlin…and arrived just in time for the Thunder fireworks going on nearby. We had prime spots to watch them, a nice, unexpected treat.

So it was a great weekend, if a very, very busy and tiring one. I’m gonna go relax some now…before I go write. I’m tired, but I still have work to do. As always.

And how was your weekend?

*Don’t worry, I had sunglasses on under my helmet, for eye protection. Otherwise, the visor would’ve been down. I’m a safety freak, even when what I’m doing isn’t particularly safe.

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  1. Looks like you had a blast! I finally posted the other half of my writer’s story, if you’re interested.

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