Purse Neuroses

Over at Ally’s Diary, a discussion about purses, with a list of the requirements a purse must fill. I agree with pretty much everything on the list. Finding a decent purse can be a huge pain.

I’m weird about purses. I start small–just something with enough room to carry the essentials: wallet, cell phone, a few lipglosses, compact, etc.

Then I get sick of jamming everything in there, and when it’s time to go purse shopping, I get a slightly larger one.




Until my purse is so large that I take every single belonging I own everywhere I go. Then I have to dig through the purse for 10 minutes just to find my lipgloss or–worse–my ringing cell phone. I get incredibly sick of this…

And then it’s back to the small purse again.

Oh, the cycles of life.

-Kristin B.