And we’re off…

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…to the races. That’s right, I sent my queries out a week earlier than I said I would. Ha! Tricked you.

Well, I sent two e-queries off into the unknown. The other three are going snail mail, and I was snowed in yesterday.

I have that familiar nervous feeling, but not as bad as usual. Yes, I’m eying the little gmail icon on my taskbar, but I forget about it for longer periods than I used to. And yes, I thought perhaps it was a bad sign when my very first query was returned undeliverable. It seemed to go through on the second try, though.

I will not be superstitious, though.* I absolutely refuse.

And now, off to the post office, then to work on other projects so I can get my mind off that stupid mail icon.

*Do you have any idea how hard it is to type “superstitious” with crossed fingers?

3 thoughts on “And we’re off…

  1. Thanks Tia! And don’t worry…I’m on it!

    Lol, that’s okay, B.E….I’ve mistyped my own name more than once!

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