Question to All Online Shoppers

Maybe this is my small-town, grew up bargain-hunting background talking, but does anyone out there–anyone–sort things by price “high to low” when they’re online shopping?

Just curious.

2 thoughts on “Question to All Online Shoppers

  1. I have done that. Sometimes, when you are shopping for something like a PDA, all kinds of low-priced PDA accessories will appear on the list first if you go low-to-high. Therefore, I invert the sort and scroll down.

  2. I guess it makes sense for that. It just seems like the occasions to use it are so rare. I think the only time I really use it, I guess, is when I’m goofing off on some site like Tiffany’s, and I’m thinking, “Hmm, let’s see if anything here is actually more expensive than my house….”

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