Invisible People

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Sometimes, when I’m reviewing notes by beta readers, I’ll have little arguments with them. Note: they are not actually, physically present during these arguments. Sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. It goes something like this:

“No, really, it’s better the way I wrote it. Just trust me on this one. Seriously. No, I don’t care how much you insist, I know what I’m doing. Oh, what’s that? Well, you may have a point there, but still. Well, yeah. That’s true. All right, all right, fine. Have it your way.”

Am I the only one? Yes? Okay. Just checking.

2 thoughts on “Invisible People

  1. Yes. All the time. Especially with you.

    Just kidding. I went through this X 3 with Starcaster. By the time I got to your feedback, I was thinking that it was purty near perfect, but NO! It WASN’T! And it probably WON’T EVER BE!

    Because if I try too hard to make it perfect, I’ll spend twelve years writing it. And I already did that with the first novel I ever wrote.

    (Not sure what kind of point I’m trying to get across here, but I distinctly think I came across as self-contradictory.)

  2. Ha! Yeah, it’s a surprise every time. “What? It’s not a sparkling, shining gem suitable to be displayed in the Queen’s crown? BLASPHEMY!” And then we settle down to work, for all the imaginary arguments and eventual capitulations.

    I’ve come to accept that this thing will never be perfect–I just wish I could get it to “good enough”! Still, it’s been interesting watching all the changes over the past…dear lord, 2 years. TWO YEARS! Gah.

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