Bits ‘n pieces

So I took a detour yesterday to avoid two work zones…and ran into two work zones. Gah. Come to think about it, I think that’s a metaphor for the state of my life right now. I just don’t have the energy for the self-examination required to figure out how it applies. Oh, well.


In-laws will be here in 3.5 hours. Cleaned like mad last night, and some more to do today. Jackson insists his parents’ house has dust and cobwebs, too…but, like ghosts and UFOs, I’ll believe it when I see it.


Jackson picked up one of those nice handheld Shark vacuums yesterday. Cleaning the stairs has never been so fun.


I’m really trying not to loathe my next-door-neighbors’ children. I don’t think I should hate anyone’s kids, since I’ve always loved kids. But they make it awfully hard.

That’s all for now. There’s dust calling my name, somewhere in this house. Must go find it.