D.C. Pictures

By popular demand (read: one person wants to see them, and who am I to refuse? =) , some pics from our trip to D.C.

We only hit the main tourist spots, since we were really only there for less than 24 hours. By the time we got back to the hotel after all that walking, we were almost too exhausted to go to the show. Almost…but not quite.

No pics from the Mountain Goats show, because there was no flash photography allowed. It was quite, quite awesome though, and especially poignant because the lead singer is having some health problems and they had to cut the tour short–the D.C. show became the last show of the tour. That aspect of it made every song, already powerful, all the more meaningful. Especially the last song of the first encore (we skipped the second, as we are old and get tired easily), “This Year”:

I downshifted as I pulled into the driveway
The motor screaming out, stuck in second gear
The scene ends badly as you might imagine
In a cavalcade of anger and fear

There will be feasting and dancing in Jerusalem next year!

I am going to make it through this year if it kills me
I am going to make it through this year if it kills me

Don’t think I didn’t get a bit teary-eyed during that.

Without further ado, our nation’s capital as seen by a first-timer:

First glimpse of the Washington Monument.

The White House: smaller than I expected.
Seriously. It’s small.

The Husband and I in front of the White House.

Cherry blossoms! Yay!

This is a happy girl.

Even more astonishing when seen up close.

This picture and the picture below were taken from the same spot. The National Mall is loooooooooong.

Tourists. We are such tourists.

No, you CANNOT haz cheezburger.
No picture can do this justice. Seriously.

And no words can do justice to this.

Someday I’d like to go again, when I have more time, and see some other stuff, but I think we packed quite a bit into one afternoon. Between the city itself and the concert, it was a perfect birthday present.

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