"Fanatical about planning and organization…"

Listening to: Xavier Rudd, “Shelter”

Let’s talk about compulsions.

The title of the post…yeah, my most recent boss said that about me in my annual review. I decided to take it as a compliment, because otherwise…well, I don’t know. When I hear “fanatical,” I think “cult.” Maybe I could start an organization cult…well, anyhow, I try to think of it as the nicest euphemism for OCD I’ve ever heard.

But the thing is, it’s true. I am the spreadsheet QUEEN. Excel is my best friend. I can’t stop myself. I currently have a spreadsheet detailing my daily and weekly word count; a spreadsheet detailing my submissions to agents, the details of said agents, and the agents I’m still planning on submitting to; and a spreadsheet detailing my daily workout. It’s scary, really.

I wish I could remember the guy–I think he was an author or an inventor–who documented every detail of his life in a diary, from what he ate to how long he spent in the bathroom. I need to remind myself not to EVER get like that.

But seriously, it could be worse. I have a good friend who used to organize her money by denomination and serial number. No, I’m not kidding. The only thing that ever made her stop was when her boyfriend at the time took all the money and threw it on the floor, completely screwing up her perfect order. Then she picked it up and re-ordered it. They went through this several times before she finally gave up.

The weird thing about my “fanaticism”? It doesn’t touch other areas of my life. I’m an admitted slob. I’ve gotten better in recent years–my car is no longer filled with half-full bottles of pop and water, and receipts, and various papers, and clothes, and all kinds ‘o crap (but don’t look in my trunk…). I’m getting better at throwing my dirty clothes in the hamper instead of the floor. Or at least throwing them onto a single spot on the floor, rather than wherever they happen to drop.

I don’t know how my husband lives with me, I really don’t. Bless ‘is heart.

Anyone else out there an organizational freak? It can’t just be me. If you want to join the Cult of the Spreadsheet, you know where to find me.

-Kristin B.