Grilled Cheese Risk

Okay, I don’t usually post on political/current events stuff, but this one is so…stupid. I can’t help myself.

The guv’mint is using a special scoring system, called ATS (Automated Targeting System), to rate the risk that travelers who cross the border might be a terrorist. The criteria used include “items such as where they are from, how they paid for tickets, their motor vehicle records, past one-way travel, seating preference and what kind of meal they ordered.”

What kind of MEAL they ordered? Excuse me?

The Husband figured out how this is pertinent. “Tuna on wheat w/ side of fries = ok; cheesesteak w/ side of big knife = terrorist,” he said.

But seriously. How does this tell the government whether someone is a terrorist? Or even might be? Do red-meat eaters have a higher propensity for violence? Or is it grilled cheese eaters? All that…gooey cheese. Just screams terrorist, ya know?

And the best part is, citizens aren’t allowed access to these scores, and naturally, they can’t challenge them. And the scores are kept on file for 40 freakin‘ years. So as much as you might want to get that chicken kiev scrapped from your record, you just can’t. Too bad.

I know that governments generally specialize in stupidity. When you put thousands of people together, all with different goals and ambitions–money, power, prestige, and the occasional person who actually wants to fix/change things–and put them in charge of managing an entire country…well, let’s just say that some pretty silly things are bound to happen. Everyone wants to fulfill their own goals within the confines of the system. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against our form of government. I think the founding fathers were really thinking when they put the system together, and I’m grateful to live where I live.

But sometimes, I just gotta shake my head and sigh. Because if I stop too long and think about it…what little hope I have left for humanity will flutter away with the next strong wind.