Joyous Return

Okay, so that hiatus was much longer than I meant it to be. What can I say…the past few weeks have been insane. The following events have occurred since last I blogged:

  • I interviewed for a temporary job that I really wanted but didn’t get (I fail at life)
  • I had more than one uncomfortable doctor appointment (everyone at my doctor’s office really, really wants to see me in my bra, apparently)
  • TH’s company’s annual Christmas party, the highlights of which were:
    • We spent the whole weekend at a cabin in the mountains.
    • I ate almost all of my lobster tail.
    • I loved my dress:
    • I loved my hair:
    • And I drank too much wine:

What else, what else…

Oh yeah, it snowed a lot.
I finished critiquing my CP’s novel.
We got our first real tree, and decorated it in blue & silver–something I’ve wanted to do for about fifteen years. Behold:
What else…what else?

Oh yeah. That’s right…

I had a minor diagnostic procedure performed, for which I had to be put into a twilight sleep. Unfortunately, the sleep was not so twilight-y…I woke up briefly during the procedure. And tried to fight the doctor and nurses off. And tried to rip the tube out of my throat. All of which, I can assure you, I remember in very vivid detail.

So…yeah. For the past few weeks, busy isn’t quite the word. Tumultuous comes closer to covering it. Hellish aptly describes a few particular moments, but I’m doing fine now. Well, not fine, but much better than yesterday!

But I’m back now–and it’s December, which means I can officially make another pass through my last novel. I didn’t look at it for an entire month, except maybe a little when other people were reading it and I looked over their shoulders.

But that barely counts.