Kitchen-Cleaning Dance Party

So, occasionally I harness the powers of the Internets–mainly Twitter.

Last winter, I let my followers decide whether I would dye my hair blond or brown. Twitter said blond, so I went with blond. Always a good decision (and the most natural-looking for me).

This past summer, I waffled over whether to wear a rather revealing shirt that has sat in my drawer for ten years down to the annual motorcycle rally. Everyone said, “DO IT!” and advised me to bring a cardigan in case I got uncomfortable. I did it, and I’m glad I did–now that shirt no longer stares accusingly at me every time I open my dresser.

And this past Friday, I mentioned to twitter that too much caffeine had turned my cleaning frenzy into a dance party. Jen Hayley said one word in reply: Video!

She REALLY should’ve known better.

Also, welcome to my new website! Please change your bookmarks accordingly.

9 thoughts on “Kitchen-Cleaning Dance Party

  1. So I haven’t stopped by in a while. Congrats on your new internet home and on being agented! I’ll be sure to come over here now as opposed to blogger.

    The video is great. 🙂

  2. @Nicole Thanks! I feel very much at home here. Hope you visit again soon!

    @Ditty Due to the camera angle, a great deal of footage is my butt shaking. This is…not awesome. 😉

    @Carrie All this, and frogs too!

  3. Thanks, Tia! Yeah, for the past month or so, anytime I’ve thought of blogging, I just desperately wanted to do it on the new site. So here we are, and I’ll be back in blogging form immediately. =)

    @B.E. Definitely burns more calories that way. And you’d be surprised what cleaning tools can be used as guitars, microphones, drumsticks…

  4. @Stephanie The artist is put out by what I hope is a more progressive-thinking label than certain other labels who shall go unnamed . 😉

    And thanks! I still need to find a way to get my blogroll just listed on the blog itself, so as to keep the front page clean, and get an RSS feed going–but the meat of what I wanted is here, at least.

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