Movie Night and Hiking Day

Movie night tonight at Dwayne’s house. Watched The Boondock Saints. If you haven’t seen it, go do so. The only thing that ruined it was the end thing they did as the credits rolled…I felt that took all the…oomph out of the ending. But, oh well. 108/110 mins ain’t shabby.

Leaving for Warren tomorrow. Having lunch with a former colleague about 10 minutes after I get into town, then who knows? Some hiking with my brother Friday, provided the weather holds up (current forecast: scattered storms. Dammit.). Seeing two uncles I haven’t seen since my wedding this weekend; one is from Nevada, the other from Tennessee. Should be fun! And I’ll spend some time with my fam, go to my mom’s salon and hang out (I can’t wait for her to see my nails…they’re growing like crazy. I’ve always had bad nails. She’ll be so proud!). Maybe go out with my mom and my sister, who knows? I hope to cram some writing in there, but I usually plan to and don’t. Would like to break that pattern, for once.

My God, it is HOT. 77 freaking degrees at 11 p.m., you’ve GOT to be kidding me. And we have NO A/C…but I guess, in the long run, I shouldn’t complain. I’ve got my writing, my husband, my family, and my adorable cat. What more do I need?

Call for a job interview today, but not sure if I’m going to take it. Come on, they called me two hours after I dropped off the app…I know I’m going to get it. But that’s not what bugs me. I don’t know, going to talk it over with my husband and my mom some first, get some opinions. We’ll see.

I know this has been the most thrilling post…wow, I lead a fab life. I’ll post some from Beautiful Warren County, if I get the opportunity.

Until then.

-Kristin B.