Stuck in the middle with you…

So I’m getting to the beginning of the middle of the book…stay with me, here. I know it’s confusing.

Everyone is in position to do what they need to do…I just have yet to figure out what, exactly, they need to do. Well, I have a general idea. The words just aren’t flowing, right now. I’m at the point where I have to force it. Not fun.

So, I’m going to try a plotting board. Still have to get the supplies, but I think it’ll be very good for me. First of all, I’ve had an extended time away from the book (BAAAAD, I know. Very bad). So I think this will, in a way, be a good “recap” of what’s happened so far. It’ll help me get back into the flow of the story. Secondly, it’ll give me a sort of visual of what’s happening, and how all the elements weave together. Fun!

In other news, going to be sending out ten more queries for Whispers of the Past this week. I think ten is a good, round number. Have to re-vamp the query letter, first–got some advice on that from the good folks on Absolute Write. I couldn’t believe how much it helped to have someone who hadn’t read the book crit the query for it. Well, I should’ve expected it, but, you know…I’m not that bright sometimes. I was, oddly enough, kind of scared to post the query up there. Yeah, I know, I can send it to big NYC agents, but not show it to other writers. Don’t ask me, I don’t understand myself any better than you do.

Lots of work to do. Ta.


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