The Weekend That Wouldn’t Quit

Whew. What a weekend. Or long weekend, I guess.

Thursday: Got up early, then drove to Warren. Stopped by the paper and said hi to everyone, then lunch with Vicky, which was lots of fun. It was good to catch up! Then over to my mom’s salon, and BACK to the scene of my earlier lunch with my mom and her friends, while THEY lunched. I had a beer. Then it seemed like everyone and their brother was calling me for some sort of help–former coworker, best friend, etc.

Then a sort of farewell BBQ for my brother, before he heads back to Washington. His friends made the BEST CHICKEN I’VE EVER HAD.

Then I stayed in and worked on some bracelets, and finally went to bed when I couldn’t hold my head up any longer.

Friday: Hiking! Swimming! Climbing! Pictures:

Then a much needed nap, and off to a party for my brother and his friends. Lots of fun there…ran into a few people from high school, even. The best, though, was watching my brother and his friends jam, especially Jay’s friend Silver, who plays a mean violin. MEMO: Buy a violin and get back to that. I miss it!

More photos and weekend fun later tonight or tomorrow. Gotta write, now…it’s been days.