Tuesday Book Birthday Extravaganza

Okay, so after a bit of a hiatus (understatement, anyone?), I’m going to dive headfirst back into this whole blogging thing. So bear with me as I work out the kinks and polish off the rust, yeah?

I’ve decided to do a feature every Tuesday–publishing’s traditional “new release” day–with info on some of the latest YA books being released each week. We’ll talk genres, covers, descriptions, reviews, and anything else that pops into my little head.

So without further ado, let’s get this started!

First, we’ll start off on Earth, looking outward to the universe…

Mirror in the Sky 

by Aditi KhoranaMirror in the sky

This one piqued my interest right off with the title and kept on going with the cover copy:

For Tara Krishnan, navigating Brierly, the academically rigorous prep school she attends on scholarship, feels overwhelming and impossible. Her junior year begins in the wake of a startling discovery: A message from an alternate Earth, light years away, is intercepted by NASA. This means that on another planet, there is another version of Tara, a Tara who could be living better, burning brighter, because of tiny differences in her choices.

The world lights up with the knowledge of Terra Nova, the mirror planet, and Tara’s life on Earth begins to change. At first, small shifts happen, like attention from Nick Osterman, the most popular guy at Brierly, and her mother playing hooky from work to watch the news all day. But eventually those small shifts swell, the discovery of Terra Nova like a black hole, bending all the light around it.

As a new era of scientific history dawns and Tara’s life at Brierly continues its orbit, only one thing is clear: Nothing on Earth–or for Tara–will ever be the same again.

The “small shifts” that work their way to larger ones, until everything and everyone has changed irrevocably, is probably what draws me in here, in addition to the “Oh look, we’re communicating with a new Earth-like planet” concept. I can imagine how that would change so many things about how we view our world and ourselves, and I’m interested to see how Khorana handles the topic.

The reviews seem to indicate that this isn’t hard science fiction, which is okay by me, and that the book focuses more on Tara’s emotional journey and the “mirror” between the social groups in her teenage sphere and the ones developing as a result of the Earth-shattering (see what I did there) scientific changes in the world at large.


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Next, we’ll head deeper into the cosmos with the start of a saga…


by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings


Love the cover on this one. The cool tones, the silver emblem above the title, the subtle hints of old-fashioned star charts.

Zenith appears to be the start of a serialized saga, an idea I really like. I love finding new series that I enjoy, but it’s hard waiting that year or so until the next one is released, y’know?

It’s only 62 pages and not a heavy investment at $1.99 on both Amazon and BN. That puts some pressure on the authors to yank the reader into their world and quick, and while there aren’t many reviews available yet, the existing ones seem to indicate that the authors do the job. It’s only available as an ebook, which makes sense given the serialized format.

Genre-wise, this is science fiction all the way, although the cover copy didn’t give me any indication that it was YA (I got that info from Amazon’s category listings):

There is darkness sweeping across the stars.

Most know her as the Bloody Baroness, the captain of a fearsome glass starship called The Marauder. Androma and her crew strike terror in the hearts of those who cross them amongst the many corners of the Mirabel Galaxy.

When a routine mission goes rogue, the all-female crew is captured by a bounty hunter from Andi’s past and forced into a job that could, quite literally, start a war that will devour worlds.

Meanwhile, on the far side of the galaxy, the ruthless ruler Nor waits in the shadows of the planet Xen Ptera, biding her time. The final pieces are about to fall into place, liberating a plan that will tear Mirabel in two.

As the Marauder hurtles toward the unknown, there is one lesson that proves to be true: No one can be trusted in a galaxy that runs on lies and illusion.

From internet sensation Sasha Alsberg and multi-genre author Lindsay Cummings comes a new serialized space opera, full of action, intrigue, and steamy star-crossed romance.

That first line, amiright?

I like the hints at larger conflicts brewing beyond the main characters’ immediate world, which could easily lead to a climactic galactic clash. The “lies and illusions” catch my interest as well. And I’m curious as to the source of the “steamy star-crossed romance” we’re promised–I assume it’s between Andi and the bounty hunter from her past, which adds the appeal of gray areas and inner conflict.


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And so from intergalactic lies we flit off to…tropical lies? What do we have here?

Never Ever

by Sara Saedi

Never Ever.jpg

Oooh, a fairy tale retelling? Count me in! Just finished writing one myself.

The cover is great, with its old-fashioned print and flying girl, but this one yanks me in with its concept:

Wylie Dalton didn’t believe in fairy tales or love at first sight.

Then she met a real-life Peter Pan.

When Wylie encounters Phinn—confident, mature, and devastatingly handsome—at a party the night before her brother goes to juvie, she can’t believe how fast she falls for him. And that’s before he shows her how to fly.

Soon Wylie and her brothers find themselves whisked away to a mysterious tropical island off the coast of New York City where nobody ages beyond seventeen and life is a constant party. Wylie’s in heaven: now her brother won’t go to jail and she can escape her over-scheduled life with all its woes and responsibilities—permanently.

But the deeper Wylie falls for Phinn, the more she begins to discover has been kept from her and her brothers. Somebody on the island has been lying to her, but the truth can’t stay hidden forever.

So here we have a modern Peter Pan, with Wylie playing the part of Wendy Darling, it would appear. And this Neverland offers more than just escape–it offers safety for her brother, too.

The conflict is only introduced in the last paragraph, but it’s definitely one I’d enjoy exploring, as something darker is brewing beneath the surface and the protagonist is likely going to face some bitter realizations and hard choices. The reviews hint at a “shocking twist,” aaaaand now I’m hooked.


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So a very happy book birthday to all the new releases this week. There are some really intriguing ones here, with a variety of fascinating concepts, pretty covers, and imploring entreaties to my wallet, which will probably curse me and my complete lack of self-control when it comes to books but hey, it’s worth it, right?

Which book are you most likely to buy, and why? Any upcoming new releases you’re looking forward to? Comment away!