Won’t you take me to…funkytown

Been in a bit of a funk the past day or two. Working my way out of it. Gonna send out 10 more queries this week, and sent out 2 resumes for p/t jobs yesterday. Woo! Go me. Trying to feel better than I did yesterday.

Hey, maybe I’ll send out…11 queries. Who knows. I’m feeling ambitious.

Anyhow, short post because I have work to do. Oh, I finally added stuff to my MySpace profile, the one I’ve had since last summer, that I never did anything with because I hate MySpace. But glancing around yesterday, I saw some familiar faces from both my graduating classes, so I decided to go ahead an put my info on there, in case anyone wants to find me. At some point, maybe I’ll put the link in the sidebar.

That’s all for now.


One thought on “Won’t you take me to…funkytown

  1. see when you link things to myspace i can find you and leave pointless comments. i spend way too much time on myspace(but really any time on myspace is too much time). it’s only because i’m at work so much. what else is there to do at 1 am on saturday when you are stuck at a desk?

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