Last Weekend in Virginia (…maybe)

Listening to: G. Love, “Holla!”

Well, this may or not have been our last weekend in this state. We were supposed to definitely return to PA this coming Saturday, but…well, there’s a chance we may stay here a few more weeks. I’m honestly not sure, at this moment, where I’ll be sleeping a week from tonight. This bugs me less than I’d expect it to, although, yanno…I’d like to find out soon.

If we stay here, we’ll be staying in a hotel room or something, since our apartment has already been rented out. I could see myself doing some of NaNoWriMo in a hotel room. It seems to fit. And yes, two more days ’til NaNo. I’ve passed excited, and moved swiftly into kinda nervous.

So anyhow, no writing talk today. The next two days are going to be non-stop revisions as I try to finish them before NaNo, and then the next 30 days after that are going to be…well, I think I’ll have to invent a new word for it, because crazy doesn’t cut it.


Friday night we played old school videogames. It says something about my state of mind that TH (this is my new abbreviation for “The Husband”, since he prefers me not to use his name here) beat me twice at old school Jeopardy and once at old school Wheel of Fortune. In case you’re wondering, my state of mind was…overly happy.

Let’s just say some friends got some happy phone calls.

Next, in an entirely separate post, I will have pictures from the Virginia Living Museum, where we spent Sunday (Saturday was spent beta reading).

See you there in a moment.