Mark it Down

Just taking a quick break to say I hit 35,000 words today.

Oh…and a year ago tomorrow, I started my second book (currently working on the third).

Back to work.

3 thoughts on “Mark it Down

  1. Congratulations! We are both at about the same point. Two books written, and about halfway through the third. I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel like a novelist! Now, if only I can nail that first sale.

    Yikes! The verification “word” is “loxifdbz”.

  2. Tia: I know, I was just thinking about that! It was very strange, when I first started this one, to think, “Oh man. THREE books.” And it’ll be strange (but wonderful) to finish it eventually.

    Erica: Thanks for the cheer! I’m just hoping I can keep going at this pace for the next few weeks…we’re moving for the summer on Saturday, and I don’t want the writing to fall by the wayside. Keep your fingers crossed! =)

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