What Did I Get Myself Into?

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Over at Diana’s blog, many writers have made a pledge to write 100 words a day, every day, for the month of April. They can write more than that, of course, but the minimum is 100 words.

I’ve joined their ranks.

As I explained over there, I needed this. These past few days, I’ve been avoiding my novel. I’ve passed the 25k word mark, and I know–I know–that the easy part is over. Now comes the part where I agonize over plot twists, fret about all the various threads I have going, and worry whether I can make it all…make sense. It’ll still be fun, sure, but it’ll be work. This past month or so, it hasn’t felt like work. I’m also afraid, of course, that I’m going to royally screw it up.

So, I pledge to write 100 words a day, every day, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Today, for instance, I have to type up all the words I wrote earlier this week, go get my driver’s license renewed, call the vet and make an appointment for Shakespeare, and I’d like to do a bit of shopping. But somewhere in there will be my new 100 words–even if they’re written between 11:45 and midnight.

I’ll do my best to note my progress here, just for accountability’s sake. Even if it’s just a short post to say, “I did it.” So keep an eye on me, will ya? =)


One thought on “What Did I Get Myself Into?

  1. I will try to help. Goals are good.

    I ran into a block at 25,000 words as well. I have read that it is quite common. In my case — and I swear this is true — I had been planning to write about a hurricane where people take shelter in a fight pit that is filled with water from the storm. I had thought of it when several years before, I saw on the news that a family had survived a hurricane out in the open by staying submerged in a swimming pool.

    Then, along came Hurricane Katrina . . . and the Superdome. I was stymied. Should I give up my plot line, or plow ahead?

    I decided to plow ahead. I finished the book a year later and even if I get an agent tomorrow, it will be at least a year or two before it sees publication. Hurricane Katrina won’t exactly be fresh news by then.

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