I always feel like such a schmuck–after our critique sessions (an entire weekend with almost 20-odd emails sent back and forth, fixing up each other’s query letters this time), Tia always thanks me on her blog, and I forget to do the same because…well, A.) I’m a schmuck*, and B.) I’m a bad li’l blogger who neglects her blogging duties. I read the thank you note she posted on her blog, and my little heart just clenched up.

So I’m saying “thank you” in return, because I’m so thrilled to have someone who both enjoys my work and also offers brilliant insights and observations, making it all the better. That person is Tia, who I found (or rather, who found me) via this blog in the first place. So it’s only proper I should thank her here! She always sees things that completely escape my notice, and her hand (or mouse, rather) never touches my work without improving it greatly. I very much appreciate the time she takes to help me out, even when I (again, with the schmuckiness) take forever to get back to her on her work! (Bad Kristin! BAD!). She also wrote a wonderful fantasy novel that I truly enjoyed critiquing.

Thank you Tia, for all your hard work and for making our long-distance critique sessions so fun and helpful. And thank you, Internets, for bringing me an awesome critique partner!

*I love that word today, for some reason. Today is a schmuck day.

2 thoughts on “Awww!

  1. Kristin, you’re too hard on yourself.
    Tia – news? We know you are sending out queries so I’m hoping this is the good news all authors want to hear.

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