Fear and Anxiety in Central Pennsylvania

Updated to add: Immediately after writing this post, I discovered that the phone was off the hook. Why? Because two hours ago, I used it to call my cell phone, which I couldn’t find. Guess it wasn’t so much hyperbole, after all.

Like a few hundred other aspiring writers across the country, and perhaps a few of our writer neighbors to the north, I am trembling with fear today. I can’t concentrate on anything. I find myself reaching the top of the stairs with no idea why I was going up there. I trail off in mid-sentence. I find myself calling my husband by the cat’s name. I over-dramatize everything.

Hyperbole aside, today marks the beginning of the bi-annual Crapometer over at Miss Snark’s. I’ve been following her blog for over a year, but this will be the first time my crap has been metered. At 8 pm, I will send out my hook, which has been revised, honed, sharpened, critiqued, and railed at. Time will tell if I get to send anything else to Miss Snark.

It’s just one person, an anonymous lit agent, who will read it. Well, her, and a few thousand of her followers and amused readers. I don’t even know if she’s a real agent…the signs point to yes, but hey, can I trust the Magic 8 ball to verify an agent’s identity? Still, I’ll hit the send button and cross my fingers as I offer myself for sacrifice. Okay, not myself…my work. It’s a scary feeling, though. I’ve sent queries out, but the worst that can happen there is a rejection that only you will read. This is different. This is public.

So, to all the others who will, today, march up that mountain, douse themselves in gin (horrible waste, I know, but it’s symbolic), and light the match…good luck. We’re all gonna need it.


3 thoughts on “Fear and Anxiety in Central Pennsylvania

  1. Lol, love the hyperbole. I wasn’t able to write anything on my novel yesterday because I was obsessing so much over sending in my hook and then waiting and refreshing and waiting and refreshing… I was one of those that sent in around 8:03 so my crap got flushed early on…. I’m still reading em though!

  2. Hi Kristin, I hope Miss Snark wasn’t too harsh! Good for you for sharing and sending it in. It takes guts!

  3. It’ll be a while before I hear anything. I guess the “few hundred” I imagined was actually an underestimate!

    It’s actually not so bad. Once I sent it, I just kind of shrugged, ‘cuz now all I can do is wait. Kind of like the prisoner waiting for his execution….=)

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