Fixing It

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Well, I’m on my way to fixing the problem with the book. I broke down and made an outline of how it should go, and I’m going through scene by scene to make the necessary changes. It feels pretty good to get this done, and I think the story will benefit greatly. This isn’t the way I prefer to write, but it’s necessary at this point. I don’t have the ending outlined–just the revisions for everything I’ve written so far, past the point where I screwed up.

In other news, via Diana Peterfreund I found a fabulous new resource, Query Tracker. It lists clients of agents for whom the info is available, and you can also see how many other members of the site have queried them, and what their results have been (information requested, manuscript requested, rejected, etc.). It helps, of course, if you input your own data. It allows you to track your queries by date and response received. Pretty much what I do in a spreadsheet, but blended with a whole bunch of other useful data. You can also leave comments about a particular agent, and view others’ comments.

As a whole, pretty darn helpful. I’m going to use it to supplement, not replace, my normal records. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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  1. I found Query Tracker as well. In fact, he posted my testimonial on his page. It looks pretty durned impressive. I think it will probably replace my wiki when I’m ready to submit again.

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