Getting Ready

Here is my querying status as of today:

  • Short Synopsis: Finished.
  • Long Synopsis: Needs one more revision.
  • Query Letter: Picture perfect, I think…I’ll know after I scan it fifteen more times.
  • Printer: Finally in the same state that I’m in, and working, too!
  • Stamps: Could use some more.

Am I ready? Not quite, but I think if I devote today to prepping, then I should be ready to send the first batch out by tomorrow. I have other stuff to do today, but most of it can wait until the afternoon or later.

I’m considering letting the blog go dark. I enjoy this, I really do, but my week without internets only showed me how much time I spend on the internets. If I decide to go less extreme, I might pare down to writing my blog and surfing a (very) few industry blogs that are useful, as well as visiting other bloggers who stop by to comment.

I have so much to do, after all, and once I get started “winning the internets“, as my husband calls it, I can’t seem to stop. Addictive personality and all tha‘. I do love this blog, though.

Just something I might have to think about.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. It would be a shame for you to vanish entirely from the blogging scene. Think of us as future readers. If you do get published, you can depend on at least some of your blog readers to check out your book. It’s sort of pre-marketing.

    Besides, we’d miss you!

  2. Yeah, I guess you’re right. Thinking about it last night, I realized how much I would really miss this. I just need to learn to manage my time better, that’s all =)

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