So, yeah. As I’m sure I mentioned previously, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year I died off right around day two. Hey, on days three and four, I was moving from one state back to another…I was a little busy, okay?

This year, however, my motto is “No Excuses.”* Nothing is gonna stop me from winning this year. I have a great, fun little novel all lined up. I have multiple friends in the area who are joining me for the 30 Days of Crazy. I’m only working part time. And I’m not moving. From the keyboard. Until 12:01 on December 1.

I’m nervous as hell, though. Excited, yes. Itching to write, yes. Thrilled to have friends participating, yes. Nervous? BIG FAT YES. I mean, 50k in 30 days? Really? Are they kidding? I can’t do that! It took me eight months (give or take a few, what with the indecision and other books I was working on) to write my last novel! And that clocked in at about 60k!

But then the little voice kicks in–the one I rarely listen to, because it’s so quiet and tinny, sounds like it’s coming from the other end of a long tunnel–and it says, “You can do this. The pressure will be good for you. The deadline will be good for you. And it’ll be fun as hell.”

You think I should listen? Yeah. I think I should listen.


*I think that was also the motto of a jeans company at some point in time. Really, what kind of tagline is that for denim wear? “There is no excuse for why your butt looks big in these jeans.” “There is no excuse for our refusal to size jeans like men’s pants, so that you don’t spend three hours just trying to find a pair that fits.” No excuses, indeed.

2 thoughts on “NaNooooooo…

  1. Buah-hah-hah-hah! While you guys have your heads down with NaNo, I’ll be querying Starcaster! May the requests for partials and fulls roll in!

    (Ok, so this strategy didn’t work with Forging in 2006, but I’ll never let that stop me.)

  2. DARN YOU, TIA! Somehow, you’re actually making querying look…tempting. How is that possible?

    My world is all upside down now.

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