One Year

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Hey! Today’s the one year anniversary of my very first blog post. It’s a Blogiversary! And my very second blog post was that very same day, and included pictures of cows! Not to mention my gorgeous rose. So pretty. *Sigh*…I miss my rose.

So, year in review, in case anyone cares…or is very, very bored:

In July, after posting about who I am and blessing the world with pictures of cows tramping up my street, I waxed sentimental about hometowns. In August, I told a story about getting lost in the woods, then went traipsing through them once again (and posted a slideshow of it!).

In September, I talked about writing and self-doubt. And not much else, since I faltered a bit with the blog that month–a whopping FOUR POSTS!

But in October….I posted the exact same amount. Whoops. When I did post, though, the topics tended to veer all over the place.

Came back with a vengeance in November, when my dentist said funny things and I finished my second novel and began editing it.

I had a lot of fun in December, from getting stuck in a dress to coming up with my next book idea (working on that now) to getting Crapometered to nearly getting killed by my cat. Looking back, it’s a miracle I survived to ring in 2007.

In January, I accepted that I should write what I enjoy, no matter what my friends and family think.

February was busy, what with considering the permanent move to Virginia and then deciding against it, which was full of its own little ironies. Funny to look back on that, now.

I started the third novel for the third time in March, and that one stuck. I also heard voices and fell in love with my protagonist’s love interest (trust me, it didn’t last). Then I went bowling and enjoyed some “local color”. Then I went to the premiere of a movie I was in and cursed Canada, all in one post. Oh, and FLOWERS AGAIN!

April was a roller coaster ride–I got a gorgeous bike for my birthday, then hurt my back on my first ride..mourned the loss of one of America’s greatest literary voices…decided to move to Virginia temporarily…wrote about cat games…and ran in circles trying to perfect my query letter.

What was May like, you ask? Well, there’s not much from May to link to, because I was too busy moving to blog. Oh, and I won not one, but TWO awards for my writing, but I took down the post about them so that potential agents can’t connect my query letter with this blog. Hurray, pseudo-anonymity!

Despite the sweltering temperatures in June, I managed to send out my first queries for book two, bake birthday cookies, have some Virginia adventures, and post cat pictures.

July’s been interesting–oh yes, it certainly has–but I think I’ll review this July on my two year blogiversary.

Wonder where I’ll be then, and what I’ll be doing? I certainly didn’t expect many of the things that have happened since I started this blog–Virginia, writing awards, my bike–so who knows what might happen between now and July 26, 2008?

I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out.

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  1. Aww, thanks! Yes, it was time consuming, but very fun to review the past year. I highly recommend it!

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