I have been horribly remiss. It’s been almost a month since I blogged.

Here’s what’s going on, in short form, because I’m going away for the weekend in a few hours and I still have to shower and pack.

  • I wrote an article for Toasted Cheese, which will be posted on the site in mid-July.
  • I got a job. Tech writing again, woot. I start Monday. It may only be for the summer, depending on several factors.
  • I started a new book. Yes, again. This is the fourth book I’ve started since I finished the last one. What’s wrong with me? Heck if I know. But hopefully, this one will stick.
  • I gardened a whole bunch. Look for some rose pictures in the next few weeks. That dang thing is gorgeous.
  • I discovered a wonderful little cafe, which I had no idea existed. It’s right next to a wonderful little tea shops where I got my tea leaves read. A wish will be coming true soon, maybe within the next year, if all this stuff can be believed. I used to do this stuff for fun, but then two different palm readers in two different states, two years apart, informed first me and then my husband that we’ll be having twins whenever we decide to procreate. So, take that as you wish.

That’s about it. No word from the big editor yet. Fingers, toes, and every other cross-able appendage still crossed.

Keep it real, kids. Have a freakin’ awesome weekend.

2 thoughts on “Oops.

  1. Multiple congratulations (for article sale, job, garden success and the future birth of your twins, one day in the future, but not nine months from now).

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