Query Rewrite

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After receiving several rejections on my query letter, with only one request (for a full, though), I decided to take another look at the letter itself. Now, it took me weeks to formulate, write, rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite the original query letter. I don’t particularly want to re-re-re-rewrite it, but…well, you do what you have to do.

So, I posted it on a forum I frequent, and got a lot of interesting feedback. I have to say–that’s one thing I love about the writing community. Writers are always so willing to help each other out, to extend a hand when needed or offer a shoulder to cry on.

Now I get to take all that feedback, use what I can, and chuck the rest. That’s what I’ll be doing today. After I’ve reworked the letter to my satisfaction–or, as close as I can get to satisfaction–I’ll re-post it in the forum, and wait for more feedback. Unless, of course, it’s so perfect that no feedback is necessary. Riiiiight.

In other news, it’s going to be hot as the dickens today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. Also, there are some guys with tractors doing something behind my apartment, directly beneath my balcony. Oh, and it seems like today is “fly helicopters really close to apartment buildings” day. I’m predicting very frazzled nerves by the end of the day…perhaps we’ll take advantage of the 99 cent margaritas at the bar down the road tonight.

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