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This post is making me seriously reconsider my query letter. If I could pare it down to something so simple, I think it would at least catch some attention.

All the comments on my query over at Absolute Write have been incredibly helpful, though, and I’ll probably use a lot of them even if I reformulate the entire letter. After all, it’s always good to know what aspects confuse or intrigue people who’ve never read the book, and it helps massively in determining what information goes in, and what doesn’t–maybe even more so with a shorter pitch.

So, in the article linked above, the pitch/hook is 78 words. My goal, at least for now, will be to stay under 100 words. How long is my pitch now?

173 words. Yikes.

I’m going to focus on one character, and pare the plot down to what happens to her. Just a few eye-catching strokes of plot and character, and we’ll be done. Despite the seeming impossibilitude of this, I’m relatively confident. I can do this, right?

We’re about to find out.

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