Running in Circles, Chasing My Tail (Tale?)

This query letter business is getting old.

I typed up one version, then took it to a few literary-minded friends. They looked it over and gave me suggestions. One recommended I change “harrowing choice” to “impossible choice”. I did so.

I changed lots more, set it aside for a bit, then changed some more stuff. Today, I sent it to The Husband to inspect.

“I don’t like ‘impossible choice,'” he said. His reasoning–perfectly sound, I think–was that an impossible choice is just that. If it’s so impossible, then how does she make a choice in the next sentence?

Very well. I searched about for the right word to describe the situation.

“Harrowing! A harrowing choice!” I said, thrilled to have found the perfect word. Twenty minutes later, as I tried to spruce up another section, I pulled out the original, marked-up version. Harrowing is crossed out, with “impossible” written underneath it.

And that’s when I realized…I’m running in circles.